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So the weekend gone was my birthday. Fast approaching the BIG 4-0 (next year gulpppp) my partying and social activities have gone from wild nights out to more demure days out. I know I speak for a lot of ladies with the age old tricky dilemma of the all dayer and “fitting in” and “not to dressy” look for the day yet “not too underdressed” for the evening too. Personally being a fly by the pants, ad hoc type of gal with a perchance of chaos Im not a planner and literally decided on my outfit on the day….literally about 30 minutes before I had to leave!

Giving some tips and hints on the all dayer dilemma I would simply say to not overthink it. Just stick to a few simple rules to adhere to and you wont go far wrong. Firstly remain you, therefore if all your friends are wearing jeans and, I quote, “A nice top” doesnt mean you have to. Sure if thats what you feel comfortable in and want to wear then go for it, however if your inclination is more towards a dress or skirt and top/shirt etc. then go for that instead. The all dayer can be tricky but if you do want to get it right and not look over the top the key is matching your outfit up. Therefore if you do prefer the dress option either make it more of a casual smart little dress or if you do go for a smarter option such as a satin dress etc then I would say to pare it down with your choice of footwear. Personally I adore knee high flat black boots as this is both day to evening and with a dress can funk it up and by being flat boots they will make your whole look a lot more cool and effortless, so takes the day to evening dilemma out of the equation. If you however go for the opposite look of jeans and a “nice top” make sure that your top is slightly more dressy and team with heels for the same kind of effortless look and succeeding on the all dayer front. Hoorayy!  Our final tip would be to concentrate on what you are wearing and are comfortable in not on anyone else as completely takes the fun out of fashion and what its all about.

So here is the rundown…….


1) BE YOU, allowing to consider your surroundings and what the event is.

2) MIX AND MATCH – pare down the look to get the perfect mix for your all dayer. (This is our top tip for any occasion where you dont know what is the right attire is, as mixing it for a perfect concoction of meeting in the middle, so whether others are dressed up more, you will not look too casual and likewise if it turns out to be more of a casual affair, you will just look as though you have made that extra effort without looking over the top! Perfecto!

3) CONCENTRATE ON YOU – whether that be someone who blends in more or stands out, just go with you flow of things and most importantly ENJOY!

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