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BLOG 3. Fashion Or Style?

So the question I often get asked is “Whats in fashion?”

My answer to that in a nutshell would be, whatever you want it to be! I see fashion and dressing as an art form. Therefore its what inspires you as opposed to anything you are dictated by. Style is much more personal and original, afterall who does come up with the fashion trends? Ultimately, its just a person who has been inspired and confident and puts it into their collection. FABULOUS DARLING! But then the high street and the fashion magazines have to label it. Why do we hold so much importance on analysing things and instead just go for the fun and frivolity of it all! With all the important things in life, fashion is and should be fun as opposed to being contrived and conformist.

So to date, my blog 3 seems a tad serious which leads me back to my personal way of thinking. Fashion or Style? Style or Fashion? Style I believe is an intinct & therefore a leader and fashion is a follower I suppose. Everyone is unique but not everyone is meant to be different fashion wise and some people will be naturally stylish and others fashionistas. Neither is right its just part of who you are. Either you like to follow trends or you like to create them. The key to fashion AND style though, is that you should just wear what you like whether it be trend led or more eccentric wise, in YOUR OWN way! Today my look is “Girl on Safari meets rock and roller” …….. I will let your imagination do the rest! Enjoy your day and if you do one thing today just wear your clothes, NEVER let your clothes wear you!

At our store we like to appeal to the stylista as well as the fashionista. We leave the style girl to her own devices and we LOVE to offer free instore style advice to you fashionistas, as well as our stylists choice page for our online shoppers. We promise that our stylists choice page will be going live this week! Eeeeek! And thanks for waiting……Afterall this is fashion and fashion is always fashionable late!

Rushing myself now. Always late.

Becks xx

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