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Whats a girl got to blog about at this time of year. I say to myself. (Pensive head on)

Wondering. Pondering.

Already done a blog regarding sales and january blues……… Being a MASSIVE overthinker comtemplation is one that has cropped up WAY TOO MANY TIMES. If I could give myself a little thought it would just to be kinder to myself as well as kicking the contemplation bugger to the curb. Comtemplation is not necessarily a bad thing and sometimes for myself I can be a touch impulsive I suppose it depends on what one is being impulsive and overthinking about? Leading back to what we are ALL about, on the shopping front I think its fair to say that everyone has made a fashion mistake over the years, such is life I suppose! But fashion shouldnt be taken that seriously, as yes, it is a presentation of oneself, but it doesnt and shouldnt define you! Nothing should. Everyone is multi faceted.

So as january is approaching the middle of the month and counting….. Life contemplations come into focus what you should and shouldnt be doing, should be and what not. Dump all of those insecurities, rules and regulations and just live your best life! Best just being happy and grateful.

So as I head into 2019 with a mind full of sparkle and a skip into my 40th year of adventure, I say and I will continue, to be adventurous wth my clothes, my choices and my life as its exactly that! Mine! So we would like to Wish all of our amazing customers, friends and family a truly magical 2019. We appreciate you going against the grain of the high street and CHOOSING and not only CONTEMPLATING to shop with us! My sister and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us this year in what is a tough year for retail. We are truly truly grateful and love you very much.

Heres to fashion, frocks, fun and frolics in 2019! Good health and happiness to everyone! And Lunacy going into its 16th year of trade! HNY everyone! xx

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