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BLOG NO. 12 The Age Of Fashion

One common question I get asked instore is “what age is too old to wear………?”

Fast approaching my 40th year of being alive, GULP, next month, its very close, both the age and the subject!

Im not really a fashion rules kinda woman. Its not as if you go to bed 39 and wake up 40 years old and have aged beyond belief, where you can no longer wear an item you once loved and cherished.

I ADORE a crop top and I will definitely be wearing them into my 40s.

When will I stop?

When I feel its inately right too. Its not an age thing, its more of an attitude and style thing. Make people wonder how old you are or wish that they had the confidence to wear it! But most importantly wear it for you! Care about fashion but be careless for others opinions on what you wear, and what you wear for your age. Be classy, graceful and youthful in your approach. I look at amazing women like Iris Apfel, Madonna, Grace Jones, Helen Mirren for inspiration but still being me! I dont want to replicate anyone else.

Beauty and fashion have always sat next to each other, both “deemed” vanity sakes. But everyone needs some fun and if it makes you feel good then go for it!

Ageing is inevitable so embrace you as opposed to stopping the clock and thats why clothes are so fabulous. They definitely can make you more youthful and likewise can age you. Clothes aside from covering your nude body are essential in how you feel, both inside and out and how you are perceived.

To sum up the question “What age is too old to wear……?” I dont think there is one. Just continue to try different things on, some will work, some wont, and just stick to being you and if you feel the item is YOU then its YOU, whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or above. There is no secret or fashion age rules apart from the ones you apply yourself.

Written by Becky – 39 – currently wearing a crop top that I love! Peace out! xoxo

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