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So you have “nothing to wear” yet your wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I’m probably going to be shooting myself in the foot here but I have never been one to only wear an item once for a special occasion and then banish it to the back of the wardrobe, only for it never to be seen again. Clothes of all varieties (unless fancy dress) are meant to be worn again and again. Of course you may love dressing up as smurf so if you want to rewear that fancy dress then fill your boots! The challenge that is deemed social media also makes people feel as though you simply cannot wear an item more than once for fear of a picture being posted on Instagram or Facebook…..oh the shame (sarcastic look)

The reality is clothes are meant to be worn and re worn. Clothes are not meant to be disposable after one wear. Plus with the cost and fast pace of living who has the funds to simply chuck it away or the time to resell it on. Of course if you want to do that then it’s a personal thing. However clothes to me mean sentiment as well as the workmanship and craft gone into designing and making the garment. I often relate a piece of clothing to a memory. It’s great to therefore re wear an item for a new occasion and reminiscing about the last fond memory. Plus it’s super good for my grey matter…..memory of a goldfish so helps keep it Alive!

Clothes and fashion aren’t always about creating new but reinventing. In saying that I don’t mean customising your new clothes. Although for some creatives out there that is most definitely an option. What I mean is creating new outfit looks. Maybe teaming a new top with a skirt that you have had for 4 years with a vintage bag and 6 month old shoes and your dads old hat. Also if you have sealed an incredible looking outfit and I don’t mean just for a special occasion but perfected a cool outfit for the day or a casual effortless look, why would you then only want to wear it the once?? (((Baffles me)))

Why am I telling you not to buy new each and every week I hear you cry! Don’t you and your sister own a fashion boutique? Are you totally crazy? And my answer would be I’m Mad About Fashion But otherwise no I’m good thanks. And I’m not saying not to buy new I’m just saying to buy right. That’s why both myself and the sibling buy all of our clothes from our store and rewear, as we are both advocates and embassadors for what we do and love! Some people might say some of our clothes are expensive and yes compared to the likes of primark and New look we are. However when you wear and rewear good clothes they remain so.

So I’m sitting here writing this blog wearing a ruby rocks leopard print dress circa 2008 and a balloon sleeve black knit over the top of the dress, by designers remix circa 2004 (both from our store) with new boots that we have just had in this season. So that’s proof enough.

If you investment buy you will never be that girl who has “nothing to wear” wardrobe dilemma, what wardrobe dilemma?!

The only dilemma I have is that my wardrobe is ram a jammed from all my investment pieces of which new additions just ever increase its state of chaos! Now that’s another blog in itself!


Over and out!

Becky xxx

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