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So january has arrived. Its that time of year for a new hair cut, resolutions, dieting, back to the gym and everything else about change and new and creating a better you. We cannot avoid the january blues just maybe delay or prettify it. This year for me its all about embracing me, both the good and the flaws. I am a big self critic, no one could be harsher on me regarding me. But having realised that the best thing we can be is kind to ourselves and that its all about the self love. The world, especially in january, can be pretty shitty. If we look at everything with kindness and love and rose tinted glasses then rose tinted we will get. And there is nothing wrong with rose tinted! Love a bit of coloured lense sunglasses me! Infact, is the world even shitty or it is just our perception that it is?? Life is what you make it. It can be grey or it can be yellow. Yellow and turquoise have always been my two favourite colours of all time. I simply adore them and they are vibrant and can be worn any time of the year.

A lot of people tend to stick to dark colours in the winter as opposed to bright or light shades which is personal choice although I dont think you need to place any restrictions on your clothing. Fashion and clothes are ment to be fun and frivilous afterall. And life can reflect that also. So Live in your bubble. Whatever bubble that may be. Embrace your passions all year round not just january. Life is for living so do just that! Live, love, laugh and ooohhh dont forget about lunacy! Our lunacy mantra for the coming year and every year is……….

Live – because its great even in january!
Laugh – its good for your soul
Love – it makes the world go around
Lunacy – im a sales women until I die.

From the token del boy (without the flat cap and sheepskin coat, although I might invest for next year) I bid you a wonderful and warming january.

Becks @Lunacy xx

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