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So last week we went live. Very scary and all exciting at the same time! Im hoping everyone will LOVE what we have created and love the collections even more. Launching the website and doing something outside ones comfort zone is always daunting at first. But then it can become so beautiful, because you have achieved a new personal goal, as well as, in my case a new business achievement. The key to anything new thats changeable though, is consistency, so here is where the new and evermore challenge begins and im sure as hell ready for it!

Having a website in the black absyss that is the internet is just the start though. Its all the behind the scenes stuff that makes it work. The seos, the cms, the attributes…..HOLD UP I hear you say!!!! What the hell is all that about!! And to be honest do you REALLY want to know???  Thought not. These blogs are NOT going to be ALL about the jargon and website. The website is, afterall, about fashion. And I certainly believe that terms fun! There is far too much serious stuff going on in the world, that fashion really is that getaway land of make believe! Where you can be whoever you want to be! Its just in today modern age where peoples time is in high demand, we instead bring the shop to you! Ideally I prefer engaging with the customer. Getting to know them, their lifestyle, physique, their tastes….I have a weird habit of guessing shoe sizes correctly and helping them pick out the perfect outfit. I especially love it when we suggest something out of the ordinary or different to the customers usual style of clothing and they pop it on and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! That is the one thing that the website simply cant deliver to you. However, we want to make our online shopping to you as personable as possible and you can always ring us (in shop hours) if you would like suggestions or to check something out.

If you have explored our new website to date, firstly a massive thank you.We so appreciate your time and energy in doing so. And secondly, you will have noticed that the stylist choice page has yet to commence. Dont worry it will shortly with a weekly “Look of the Week” and if you want to buy the whole outfit as suggested you will be able to. This is the second and last blog about the actual website. Further posts will include fashion, dreams, thoughts and everyday life! We will see if you stay interested. ZZZZZZZZZss

So without further ado for now, Adios Lunatics! Becks xxxx

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