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Like everything to do with fashion, its all about personal choice and expression. Weddings can be a dilemma for us girls, as its not as easy as pulling out an old faithful suit and changing the tie to match your partners dress! Weddings have definitely changed over the years from the traditonal sit down knees up to lots more character these days with weddings being held in cinemas, boats and more! To reflect this, us girls need a refresh to have something modern yet respectful and momentous to celebrate such a joyous occasion! Hats have definitely taken a backburner and slowly but surely so have fascinators. However just because they have gone off the boil never fear for what YOU want to wear. Different is good. So if you want to go all Phillip Treacy and with a hat, do it!

Recently one of my best friends got wed and it was a fabulous two day affair. The day before the big day being a very casual dress event. The day itself was both traditional and all about the “Love” as it should be, coupled with some modern touches. Wanting to do my friend proud and some would say risky, I decided to wear a beautiful dress from our store that I had kept the previous year and SHOCK HORROR, I had indeed wore it twice before, once being to a wedding. Some might say this is not acceptable, however we at Lunacy believe if you buy for the love of a garment and not buy into trends you CAN and SHOULD wear special occasion garments more than once. Logically it doesnt make sense to buy a more expensive piece and wear it once!

I did though invest in some new shoes to reinvent the dress and styled my make up differently to before. I also got the other half to match his suit and tie and pocket square to my outfit without it being over the top. Top tips when buying for a wedding is definitely to be and to feel comfortable in your dress as you have to consider food and the duration you are wearing your outfit for as well further occasions when you will wear it. Thats why sometimes separates and going for the less obvious wedding choices are a good call. Also never wear what you think you “Should” wear to a wedding. Yes its good to look traditional but only if it is you. Dont wear a lace or floral twee fifties dress if you would never wear it normally. Then match your lippie and nails and enjoy the fizz and the day! Cheers!

Dedicating this blog to My fabulous Friends : Sophie & Christian Griffiths and Rosalyn & Richard Taylor. Wishing you both the most amazing life together filled with love, good luck and laughter and remember fellas where to buy your anniversary gifts from…haha! Xoxox

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