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So the UK has a touch of snow and frost and the country goes into disarray! Bread and milk sells out and everyone bolts the doors down. But do you consider your wardrobe? Not getting conceited here. This is a blog, a fashion one and a fashion website so obviously it all has to be relatable. Peoples viewpoints on fashion and the reasons behind it are very different and neither are wrong or right. Some see clothes as just practical items to keep us warm especially so on chilly winters (albeit now its the start of spring) Others see clothes and the thought and effort only for special occasions. True lovers of fashion & style see it as a lifestyle daily choice regardless what occasion and weather. Dressing for the perishing winters can definitely impose on ones style. But clever dressing can always be achieved. A checklist for winter essentials is always a winner. Heres our professional and passionate opinion if you do want some pointers:

  • A few good snuggly jumpers ensuring you have at least one that is smart as well as just cosy sloppy joe ones. That you can jazz up whether it be for a country pub meal out or the apres ski

  • Thermals….always a good choice to wear under your outfit and giving you a massive thumbs up on practicality and warmth front.

  • A cool hat or two. Keeping your head warm is a must. Whether it be bobble, russian or just fuzzy.

  • Limit patterns and colours to three or four at a maximum. Just cause its winter doesnt mean you need to look as though you have put all of your clothes from your wardrobe, michelin man styleeeee!

  • For me I love to have a bit of a look going on and a theme colourwise. Keeps It streamlined and you will always look streamlined. Again touching on the above point. I adore Ali Macgraw in the 1970s movie “Love Story” . Her look in the movie is just perfect. She has the winter look sewn up – Perfection!

  • Invest in a pair of black ski style winter boots. Check out our ugg inspired one As these will work with anything you decide to wear with it. Sometimes plainer allows you more scope to experiment with your style and you actually wear it more!

If all else fails and should the big chill return simply snuggle up with your beloved, toast some marshmallows, get the fire on and wear the chunkiest socks you can find! So forget about the bulk bread buying, instead invest your dough on some super chic winter wear that will have you geared up all year round for any frosty weather! It might be march but mohair and mocassins will always have a place in your wardrobe even if you dont get round to wearing them until this december!

Snowflakes and eskimo kisses. Peace out. Becks@Lunacy xxxx

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