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         So this blog is a bit of a blog crossed with a service that we offer. We appreciate that juggling finances can be tricky yet you really dont want to miss out on those shoes or that dress…..therefore we offer a five week interest free wardrobe account basis instore. For our website customers this isnt as easy to do. However we can happily offer the same if you simply give us a tinkle on 01639 895735. To do an account basis you simply pick an item/items totalling £50 or more. Then you have to pay 25% deposit to hold your said shopping. The Balance then you have five weeks from date account opened to pay the balance and collect your item/s. You can choose to pay the remaining balance either in full at the end of the term or bit by bit. As long as its cleared by the five weeks, how you decide to pay it off is entirely up to you. If you have done it through the website by calling us we can then arrange for your purchase to be posted to you.

Like we have said from our first blog we want fashion to be accessible and it should be accessible to all. Therefore by offering this service people who get paid monthly can split it over two pays and it just makes it a but more manageable for everyone. The clothes industry has definitely got a snobbery about it and it really shouldnt. Clothes are there to be worn. Yes appreciation for clothes should be a given, as there is the other end of vast consumerism where clothes are descarded after one wear which is a real shame.

We want to appeal and offer a middle ground. Clothes should be cherished and loved and worn with pride but not be out of reach and unobtainable. So this service together with our savings clubs where you can simply deposit money every month like a piggy bank and use as and when you want , gives you that free reign. Our savings clubs are especially handy to start in january so you can use it as a “christmas club” To inquire about either of these services please ring us, email us or pop into our store and we will happily run through it with you.

We want your Shopping experience with us to be happy,easy and care free! Mad about Fashion and crazy about you! Until our next blog I bid thee farewell amigos!

Becks @Lunacy xx

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