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Is it just me or does anyone else not really like modern technology….even saying that out loud I know that I sound old! I have just turned 40 though. And with that comes the love of jellybabies and dates (the prune type) things I swore that I would never like cause they reminded me of old people, now, here I am munching on a date with a jelly baby (minus his head) in my other hand… ok so I’m not really doing that but it all adds to the drama of the blog. But….it is true for my new found love for them both.

Anyways, back to the technology bit.

So part and parcel of having a business and the daily stresses and challenges is the forever usage of social media. To be fair I actually love promoting and using Instagram and Facebook for the store but using the internet, WiFi and all that jazz really doesn’t agree with me. Today we are currently changing internet providers and it has temporary adverse affects on our card machine, plus I’m terrible at sorting out routers. The air turns blue, I run around like a flapping chicken, just increasing the anxiety and getting less and less done.

So it’s still not resolved at present, and until it’s been changed across there is very little I can do. So being proactive I decided to write a blog on it….all very exciting I hear you say! Well it’s definitely not as fun as fashion but it’s a necessity these days and great for exposing our goodies instore too. Which we know you all love, as it’s far more fabulous than reading our blogs.

What is your take on technology and it’s uses? I like to use it. But I have no interest in how it works or why. I just want it too! Turning 40 for me brings both patience and understanding but also lack of trying on things that really don’t interest me, as life is far too short. So please mr plusnet sort my internet access out pronto as we need it for running our beautiful boutique smoothly and as fashionably as we can, I mean there is being late , fashionably late and then there is just late badly effecting fashion which just isn’t what our fashionistas and lunatics want or need!

Wrote thursday july 4th. Independence day…ironic! However later on, on thursday i did manage to get it all working and i did it solo. Yes it isnt much of an accomplishment but i was very pleased i did it! (((BRING OUT THE TRUMPETS)))

SOS. Becks xx

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