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Holidays…..are the sounds of the waves on the beach, pina coladas, palm trees, inflatable flamingo rubber rings and of course the sunshine.

It is just me though that panics and dashes to pack their suitcase last minute?! I always take loads of clothes (and I do wear them all) and ensure that I create all my “looks” before packing, to ensure that I have the right necklace, shoes and bag to go with that cute evening sundress.

A blend of chaos and calm, however this year approaching the BIG 40 I have made a promise to myself to improve and become more organised on the suitcase packing front. A big demand I ask myself…..although its not that what I pack is wrong, as to be frank, I always wear everything I pack and its better to have too much and be prepared than have too little. Plus my outfits are coordinated with precision yet dont look overkill. Yes yes get the trumpets out! Its just amidst the holiday fashion, it becomes a fashion frenzy where im sweating, flapping, stressing and just generally a big ball of panic! That I REALLY NEED to get in check. I just need to stop doing it to myself!

So in avid excitement for my up and coming adventure in less than 2 weeks. Im packing NOW!

Of course the trunk (old school language sometimes adds to the story, me thinks) will be packed with all lunacy attire, both old and new. So I pack…….. have a lovely cocktail, complete with glazed cherry, straw and a bonafide holiday cocktail umbrella to boot! Madonna’s “HOLIDAY” on in the background to create a further fabulous ambience and too really get me in the mood.

Did I do it? DAMN right I did! Cool, collected, maybe not calm as I was dancing round and occasionally tipping my drink but no panic, no rush and no chaos……Well as much as I can be chaos free that is! Remember i do have a shop called Lunacy!

Even packed all the holiday documentation in my ingenious travel wallet, again from Lunacy Boutique, the best shop in the universe, of course!

So holidays usually equal – STRESS – RELAX – and then back to REALITY.

This time however its different – CHILLED – even more RELAXED – and then back to REALITY

So while this new, super organised and efficent Rebecca takes hold, I ask myself a few questions…1) who is the real rebecca? 2) have I finally grown up? (my mum would be so pleased) 3) I’m so organised i’m double and triple checking things to the point that I feel surely I MUST have forgotten something??

Would love to hear your packing stories. Write yours below to share your experiences.

Happy Holidays everyone, bring on the pina coladas! Xoxox

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