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OK, So im a talker by nature, not really a writer but exploring a new me! Welcome to our website and the wonderful world of Lunacy! Fashion to me has always been an impulsive and instinct thing so this seems a little foreign, maybe even conceited. However as Im writing down my thoughts and feelings its also rather therapeutic too. You never know I could even become a serial blogger, I certainly have the Carrie Bradshaw hair for it! Therapy for me has ALWAYS been shopping. The Buzz, the thrill, the wearing your latest purchase the very next day all shiny and new, the wonder of rooting through the rails, touching the fabrics, having a try on! All of these things inspired me to open our very own store. Im not a typical, conformist person and I dont like the slatted walls and sterile look of the high street in this Country. Dont get me wrong, I think they do a great job at what they do, but im very much all about personality and vibrancy and thats the way I see what I call a “proper boutique” and “proper shopping”. You dont want tons and tons of clothes & the thought and look of that in shops is simply greedy, plus takes away the craftsmanship and cheapens it.

Our Store is definitely not that. We do have a great selection of clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery of course but its cherry picked and gift wrapped to you, the customer, in our gorgeously interiored boutique (not a inch of slat walling). Im also very conscious of not being too slick and chic as a boutique, as that is rather off putting and gives it a snobbery element. Fashion is and should be ACCESSIBLE to all! So putting our store online to be part of the techno world is both exciting and rather terrifying all at the same time! How to even begin? How to make it reflect and give a good representation of our store? How to get our store out into the big bad cyber world? How to get noticed? How to keep up? My head was spinning!!!

Being a rather higglety pigglety person, being in a numbers game of google listings and what not, just doesnt compute with fashion in my head. However this challenge is challenging and im definitely up for exactly that! Using a great web designer is absolute key in the web game especially if you are a technophobe like me! Picking up any useful hints and tips is always good too as when you are an existing business sometimes your view on your business can be very different to an outsider, so fresh eyes are exactly that!

Obviously, im still very new to the blog game and marrying our bricks & mortar store with our online boutique will be a continual & ongoing thing. Changes and tweaks no doubt will take place but I do hope you will continue to read our blog. Now how the hell do I upload this onto the website……………….. 

Until blog no.2, I bid thee farewell. Becks @Lunacy xxx

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  1. Karly says:

    Such a great website!! I really enjoyed readying your blog… Keep up the good work Beck!

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