No need to shop anywhere else!

I have been shopping in Lunacy for many many years now and it has always been my number 1 place to get clothes and accessories. There’s nothing worse than buying a new dress and walking down the street and seeing 4 other people in the same one but this NEVER happens with Lunacy. Everything is so unique and you wont find it in any of the boring high street shops.
I now live in London and it is still the only place I shop. With all the abundance of clothes shops in the capital of the UK, I think this says a lot about the stuff you can purchase here.
The main top pro of Lunacy though is Emma and Becky. They are the most incredible sales team but also just two of the nicest women you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. What I love most about them is they dont shove things down your throat and force you to buy things. Every time I go there they always say to me, if you are not 100% about it dont buy it and that shows that they care so much about you as a customer and how YOU feel in the piece of clothing.
I honestly could not recommend this incredible shop and these 2 beautiful women enough!