I ? Lunacy!

I’ve always hated clothes shopping and dreaded going into high street stores where every top is cropped, every dress is body con and trying stuff on was just painful and soul destroying.

I was stuck in a clothes rut and I plucked up the courage to visit Becky at Lunacy; I haven’t looked back. She is simply amazing. I can walk into the shop, tell her what I need and she pulls things out I would never dream of picking up myself, thinking they were “too fashionable” for me, and they look lovely, feel fantastic and make me feel so much more confident and happier in myself.

Lunacy isn’t just a shop; Becky is your style advisor and personal shopper (sometimes counsellor!) all in one package. I thank Becky for all the help she has given and continues to give me. I have never had much self-confidence but I am getting so many positive comments on how I look. She truly does dress me and the confidence I have gained through shopping with her is priceless.

I can never thank you enough Bec for the positive influence you have had on me through your help, friendly advice and beautiful clothes. I love you and your wonderful shop. I am a complete Lunatic!!! ?

Keep being amazing!!