Everything is so unique and special….

So many good things to say about this shop !! Excellent one off pieces that suit any occasion – from going into Uni, interviews, dates, girly nights out, weddings, special occasions, etc. There’s literally something for everyone =) Everything is so unique and special, you’re guaranteed to get noticed, and more importantly, remembered when wearing something from here !! Every single time I wear any of the many items I’ve bought here, I get stopped repeatedly and asked where I got them from (sometimes even by complete strangers). The shop’s super welcoming and I love rummaging around and finding something interesting each time I visit – I find it impossible to leave without picking up something new. The staff are very friendly and helpful, making it feel like you are out shopping with good mates even if it’s your first visit. What’s more, they really know their stuff too; often recommending items that I may not initially choose for myself, which then swiftly become firm favourites in my wardrobe!! I would recommend Lunacy to anyone – and frequently do !! Keep up the great work girls ♥